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The epic asphyxia Madrid Barca

The epic asphyxia Madrid Barca

The Barcelona searched and found in the underworld of the game to force, to a contemplative and cowardly Madrid, the fifth game of the tense and exciting Endesa League final. The Palau is sometimes true to topic and becomes hell. And Barcelona is a block that has won more than one of his many titles intangibles asserting that yield the highest returns in this scenario. The epic, claw, aggressiveness well understood and character are also critical ingredients in the game. We were in the fourth installment. Coldly looked, any analyst had said that Madrid was still higher. But in the heat of battle knew better move Barcelona top finally on the rebound and the inside game, but especially in the management of the minutes. The game entered soon effervescent, midway through the third quarter. Barcelona was when surfaced hardened, tough, aplicadísimo on defense. He left Madrid in 30 points in the second half and scored an epic victory.

Barça Regal, 73 - R. Madrid, 62

Regal Barcelona Marcelinho (11), Navarro (7), Rabaseda (0), Lorbek (11), Tomic (18)-starting five-, Sada (2), Jasikevicius (0), Todorovic (5) Wallace (2 ), English (0), Mavrokefalidis (10) and Oleson (7).
Real Madrid: Llull (9), Rudy Fernandez (8), Suarez (0), Mirotic (6), Begic (4)-starting five-, Draper (7), Felipe Reyes (10), Sergio Rodriguez (6), Carroll (2) and Darden (6).
Partial: 23-17, 11-15, 15-13 and 24-17.
Umpires: Hierrezuelo, and Garcia Conde. Rudy removed by five fouls.
6,219 spectators at the Palau Blaugrana. On Wednesday held the fifth and final match in Madrid (22.00, TVE-1/TV3).
In that passage transcendental, Barca, for one reason or another, had on the court a quintet unheard Marcelinho, Oleson, Rabaseda, Mavrokefalidis and Todorovic. And Navarro, injured, on the bench. With that contingent spurt gave Barcelona. Mavrokefalidis executed with a flurry of shots near the basket and decided the score: 61-52.Madrid failed to counteract the dramatic swing in the back.
One of the plot threads of the series is definitely emotional. At Madrid wins Barcelona responded, jilted in the first game and overwhelmed in the third.The last Friday hit the waterline Xavi Pascual. The nuances gained more weight, was underlined their inferiority on the rebound, defend their difficulty Felipe Reyes, the loose paper from their bases, especially Marcelinho, which was not his day as Tomic, hurt by the mistakes from the start , and definitely physically collapsed at the end and at the mercy of the wrist, suddenly Mirotic infallible. Two days later, everything changed completely in the first quarter. Tomic marveled, tireless, infallible, well attended and well accompanied by Lorbek, with which alternated in the low post and drove down the street from bitterness to Begic and Mirotic.Barcelona took over the rebound, mainly offensive. He administered the same medicine to Madrid. He rode in the first quarter (23-15). There was no free throws in those first 10 minutes and missed a lot of triples.
The second unit of Madrid, with the arrival of Felipe Reyes, Slaughter and Sergio Rodriguez, changed the landscape. The Barcelona attack with Sada, Oleson, English, Mavrokefalidis and Todorovic, wrecked. The pace of play slowed. Felipe Reyes returned to be a lethal weapon.Mavrokefalidis looking outwitted midrange shots and was infallible. Sergio Rodriguez spun the plays often getting the lion's den. A triplazo his, almost resting on the horn, left the score with a minimum difference: 34-32.
The Madrid is Barcelona raised serious difficulties which sometimes stuck to the mixed zone defense or ordered Laso and was at times surprised by players like Draper or Darden. But Barcelona, ​​despite Jasikevicius gatillazos, Wallace and English, optimized its resources. His 44 points razed pivots between a tremendous Tomic, author of 18 points and 11 rebounds, Lorbek and invaluable contributions of Mavrokefalidis and Todorovic.
The 13 rebounds Barcelona more than Madrid. Wrecked in triples Madrid team, with March 1, 18, and lacked the temper and aggressiveness of its rival to seize a golden opportunity to have sentenced the league. Finally finished two points, 63-61, with just two minutes, but moments later annealed finished when the referees gave Barcelona band for a ball that appeared to give in Tomic. Rudy Fernandez protested and referees punished him with a technique which involved removal. The Barcelona no mistake and forced the fifth and final match on Wednesday in Madrid (22.00, BBC1 and TV-3) which will be vital to know under what conditions will Navarro, although his team yesterday, learned to win without him in the last stretch.

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